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Bath Waste Management

Whether you’re opening a new company or simply trying to find a better waste management service to take away your rubbish, Bath Waste Management will supply you with 60 years of front line knowledge. Our seasoned sales and planning team can provide suggestions for your collections, waste removal and recycling plans.

We are able to assist you to plan a schedule that can get your rubbish outside as often as you desire it, as well as in the most cost effective method for you. Contact us today for a consultation and free quote.

For more information on acceptable/unacceptable stuff, please call our customer support team. We ensure competitive rates for many waste and recycling collection services rendered. Our professional drivers and helpers will make sure your garbage is picked up on time plus on schedule. Bath Waste Management work at a higher standard than our competitors in that we take pride in our customers’ reputation, as well as our own.

Whether it is waste removal, commercial or paper recycling services or a junk removal/rubbish clean out, our experienced team can can allow you to make the most from your waste flow. Practically every kind of waste may be separated and recycled resulting in a “green” waste flow and increased economies in a sound waste management system. Recycling helps our planet as well as our wallets. Contact us today and let us help you save money.

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