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Commercial Waste Collection Bath

It is critical for your company to dispose of waste in an environmentally sustainable manner. We can assist you. Our experts will analyse your waste streams and come up with the best recycling and disposal options for you. We’ll collaborate closely with you to develop a local recycling and garbage diversion strategy that saves money, creates revenue, protects public health, and promotes sustainability. 

It is required by law that commercial waste be disposed of in a specific and environmentally friendly manner. Commercial waste, for example, cannot be brought home and disposed of in household containers. To get the best commercial waste management practises, call us on 01225 220 160. We will also provide you with free bins, deliver them to you for free and also provide you with a waste audit and waste transfer note. 


What is Commercial Waste?

Commercial waste is any waste generated by a business. The waste generated by these establishments, whether they are trade sites, offices, recreation centres, schools, or entertainment venues, will all fall under the commercial waste category. Commercial waste is any waste generated by a company, including (but not limited to) paper, cardboard, cans, retail packaging, and food waste. The ecosystem suffers when waste and recycling pile up at landfill sites, resulting in a combination of earth, water, and air pollution.

As a consequence of improper collection, handling, and disposal of waste, fly-tipping and disposal in landfills can occur. Commercial waste must not only be disposed of properly in order to avoid penalties, but because it can also cause environmental harm.


Commercial Waste Management

Here are some ideas for how businesses might keep their waste under control while still following government regulations.


Reduce and Recycle

Recycling as much as possible is the greatest approach to keep your commercial waste under control. This is also cost advantageous for your company because recycling costs less than dumping waste in a landfill. Your facility should have containers for recyclable materials, such as plastics, paper, and cardboard. We can provide these bins for you for free. Keeping your commercial recycling separate before it is collected is an easy way to abide by the rules and regulations concerning commercial waste and also ensure an ease of the recycling process.

The use of part of your waste, along with recycling, is a great way to reduce waste going to landfills and help the environment.


Safe Storage For Commercial Waste

A secure location and storage containers must be provided for commercial waste by law. The waste from any commercial activity must be stored in appropriate containers, and it must be kept dry and protected from other elements such as wind and rain. Clearly label the containers with the type of waste they contain, and keep the waste in a secure location.

You must fill out a waste transfer note or another document with the same information each time commercial waste leaves your property. Make sure you keep all waste transfer notes for at least two years, so you can present them to your local council or the Environmental Agency, as needed.

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