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With a 2011 census population of 22,909 people, Penistone is a market town and civil parish in Barnsley Metropolitan Borough, South Yorkshire, England. The town is located just west of Barnsley, 13 kilometres north of Glossop, 23 kilometres northeast of Sheffield, 43 kilometres south of Leeds, and 47 kilometres east of Manchester, in the foothills of the Pennines. While few of the pre-19th century buildings remain, the town remained small until 1845, when the railway arrived. Although Penistone’s ancient cattle market was recently closed to make way for redevelopment of the town centre, it had a market well before its royal licence was issued in 1699.

At some point Penistone was converted into a railway junction with a depot for engineering trains. In the days of the Beeching cuts, Penistone had frequent services to Manchester, Sheffield, and Huddersfield, but the Woodhead Line passenger service to Manchester was discontinued. Although the line was closed and much of the railway infrastructure destroyed, trains carrying goods continued to run. Today, Penistone is known for its vibrant market, although it shrank in size following the opening of Tesco in 2011. Moreover, Penistone is a wonderful location for walkers, with stunning scenery right on its doorstep. 

Furthermore, there are numerous restaurants and takeaways in and around Penistone, with a wide range of cuisines for such a tiny town, as well as an expanding number of farms and local food shops. With its handy location on the A628 (Manchester Road) in the heart of Sheffield, Leeds, and Manchester, waste management is made easy. This is important because, like any growing town, waste production is inevitable. As part of our business waste disposal services, we safely dispose of hazardous and dangerous waste materials. Additionally, we recognize the importance of safety when planning waste collection schedules. Reach out to our Bath Waste commercial waste management experts today at  01225 220 160 to learn more about how we can manage your waste efficiently or tailor a solution that works for your business.


Commercial Waste Collection Penistone

You can count on Wakefield Waste to collect all your commercial waste regularly. Our staff can help you devise a strategy for collecting and disposing of your commercial waste. Additionally, our staff can help you devise a strategy for disposing of your commercial waste in addition to collecting all of your other waste. We’ll also provide free containers and bins for you to store your commercial waste. Our waste disposal containers cover the entire spectrum of business waste disposal and recycling requirements, ranging from wheelie bins that are similar in size to household bins to roll-on-roll-off skips and waste compactors. The team at Wakefield Waste can assist you with all of your commercial waste collection needs. As well as collecting your plastic recycling, we can also assist you in devising a strategy for disposing of all other debris.

If you need assistance with waste management, we have extensive knowledge and experience to assist you next. With our ability and experience, we have assisted many types of organisations with their commercial waste management, and now we want to assist you.


Commercial Waste Disposal Penistone

At Wakefield Waste, our preferred method of disposal is recycling. Recycling saves energy, avoids waste going to landfills or being burnt, and provides raw materials for new products. However, the present waste collection infrastructure must be improved in order to promote recycling collection, sorting, and processing. At the source, plastics and non-recyclables must be separated. In order to properly manage commercial waste in the future, citizens, legislators, waste management companies, and the government must all work together.

We play an active part in the waste management sector, working with our clients to address waste-related challenges and persuade businesses to recycle their garbage by providing cost-effective and environmentally friendly waste management practices. Even though we produce waste at an alarming rate, most waste management strategies are inadequate. As a result, sustainable waste management is at the heart of environmental conservation, as it safeguards and enhances the environment for both future generations and humans.Though it is our main goal at Wakefield Waste to reduce waste from Penistone, we do not offer services for households. Therefore, households are urged to contact:

Springvale Household Waste Recycling Centre

Sheffield Rd, 



S36 6HH

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