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There is a lot of waste generated in the food sector due to packaging and manufacturing procedures and processes. Food waste is becoming increasingly expensive to dispose of in landfills; recycling could be a cost-effective solution. The environment is also not well served by the use of landfills. Our waste management service has been available in Bath and all of Somerset and the surrounding area for over 60 years.

Our outstanding customer service will help you understand your food waste and help you figure out ways to manage it. A waste audit will be performed to determine how much food waste your company generates and how much food waste collection you need. We will also provide you with free bins and deliver them to you for free. We can be reached at 01225 220 160.


What is Food Waste?

Any discarded food material that is no longer useful or edible is referred to as food waste. In fact, 19 percent of landfill space is accounted for by food waste. In spite of the fact that food decomposes naturally, the enormous amounts of methane gas released by decaying waste food do not make up for it. Methane is a compound twice as deadly as carbon dioxide to the atmosphere as a result of food waste. In addition to industrial food waste, producers, distributors, and consumers may also produce food wastes and losses.

When food waste is prevented in the first place, the waste can be reduced more easily and drastically. We may not always be able to consume all of the food we produce, but by recycling food waste into fertilizer, electricity, building materials, and medications, we are providing benefits to future generations. With our reputable waste services, you will have peace of mind knowing that your food waste will be disposed of properly and by law standards. Our tailored recycling service will meet the needs of your business.

Food Waste Management Bath

When you learn to reduce food waste, your business will not only help the environment, but save money. To avoid negative outcomes, proper food waste management measures should be employed. The best way to accomplish this is to recycle food waste. The process of recycling is a dynamic one that extends the life of materials. Recyclables are represented by three arrows chasing each other. For food, this symbol is found in the containers or the bin storing the food waste. Through food waste recycling, we can reduce the amount of food waste in our landfills and businesses and prevent them from actually going to waste.

Recycling food is known as anaerobic digestion. After being collected from your premises and transported to recycling plants, anaerobic digestion which happens in a closed system allows microbes to break down the food waste without oxygen at recycling facilities.


Food Recycling Through Anaerobic Digestion

Bioreactors are devices that use bacteria to digest organic materials such as animal dung, wastewater biosolids, and food wastes in the absence of oxygen. A reactor is a closed tank that is used to generate biogas through anaerobic digestion. As a result, biogas can be designed and manufactured to suit a variety of feedstocks and site conditions. As a result of the anaerobicĀ  process, the food waste is digested or broken down and biogas is produced along with digestate, the end product that is then turned to gas or biofuel.

You can be sure that your complete and comprehensive food waste recycling process using us to eliminate all food waste is the solution to all your problems. Our team will collect and deliver your food waste recyclable to the right disposal facility. Working with us means working with a trusted service provider. Our main objective is to ensure that food waste recycling is as ethical and effective as possible.

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