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We deal with waste in a way that is appropriate for the  21st century.  The time when it was acceptable to ditch waste into landfill without much thought is gone.  In its place, stricter waste regulations and a focus on recycling now stand.  At Team waste, we offer resource management services that help our clients deal with the waste they produce in an environmentally friendly way.

Working with clients in the public and private sector across Liverpool and its surrounding areas, we offer professional waste collection and management services.  We work with hospitals to help them dispose of their clinical waste safely, and we work with small businesses to help them increase the efficiency of their waste strategies, creating desirable efficiency savings in the process.

<h2>Rubbish Removal Bath</h2>

The waste services we provide offer two types of solutions for our clients; waste management services and waste collection services.

Our waste management services are primarily consultancy led.  We provide our clients with the expertise they need to improve the efficiency of their waste processes, implement a greener approach to waste disposal, and stay up to date with the latest waste regulations.  As part of the management services we offer, we can provide full waste audits completed by dedicated account managers.

The collection service we offer aims to integrate collection and recycling of waste.  Our collection teams local to Liverpool can collect all types of waste, and deal with it in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.  Our collections are monitored via real time reports, so our clients can be sure that their waste will always be collected on time.

For further information and a free quote on our services, just call our friendly customer care team today.  We can offer you a free assessment of your current waste services

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